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San José, Costa Rica

San José

The bus ride to San José was a long one. Because I was in such a rush to get a ticket and go, I didn’t get to eat any breakfast. The bus picked up at the station at 11AM, and because of some miss communication, I got there much earlier than I needed. The bus did make one dinner stop. But, the food looked like crap, so I decided to just wait until I got in to San Jose, which ended up being around 8pm. That was about 24 hours I went without any food. Glad I didn’t go crazy!

When I got to the hostel, I looked around at all the brochures and trips that were offered and was shocked by the prices. Most of the activities that interested me I had already done on this trip. Also, to my disappointment, I just plain got priced out of doing anything in Costa Rica. I decided to sit out the Easter weekend holiday, which pretty much shut everything down anyways, and booked my 16-hour bus ticket to Panama City, Panama.

Even though I got priced out of many of the tours, I could have probably gone off to do them on my own. But, I am getting to the end of this trip, about to hit my budget, and burned out a bit. I couldn’t even bring myself to go into Central San José for the Good Friday and Easter festivities just a mile away. I did go to the Central part of town Saturday for a little sightseeing when it wasn’t super busy, but that was about it.

Not sure why Americans come to expensive Costa Rica when they can do a lot of these same activities in a neighboring country for a lot cheaper! So, thanks American tourism for these crazy and bloated prices, NOT!! As I thought about it more, maybe it is best the mob stays away from the cheaper and very very very, and I mean seriously dangerous places I was able to enjoy. Stay away from these cheap and beautiful countries full of life and culture because they are riddled with drug cartels, drive-by shootings, corruption, kidnappers, rapists, and just the worst of the worst of people. Honestly, not sure how I made it through alive. Please, just come to Costa Rica where it is much much safer.

Panama City, here I come!

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