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Panama City, Panama

The night bus ride to Panama City was pretty comfortable. Though, I’d have to say the boarder crossing into Panama was the most thorough. We got to the border around 4:30 in the morning and there was nobody working on the Costa Rica side. We had to sit and wait until 6am before someone arrived. I found myself passing out on the bench I was sitting on for about an hour. After exiting Costa Rica, the Panama immigration made the whole bus go into a room to search our luggage after passport control. I have never seen that intense of a group search done before and the only other time I saw anything so anal were the few times US immigration emptied out my bags on me.

When I got to Panama City, I felt pretty burned out on travel at this point. The hostel I stayed at was decent and I did make it out to Hard Rock Café- Panama City, saw some of the old colonial city neighborhoods, and went to the Panama Canal to watch some cargo ships go through the locks.


I did have one extra day to burn in Panama, so I decided to take a day trip into a city that basically is inside a volcano crater. It didn’t feel or look like a crater, but more like there were mountain ridges around us. Honestly, the tour was a waste of money. We visited a sad looking zoo, a butterfly farm, a hot spa that was just a nasty, muddy pool (I thought it would be like the hot springs I had visited in Honduras), and a small walk to see a little waterfall. Though it filled my day as I waited for my red-eye flight, it was pretty pathetic.


That pretty much covers the events of my trip. I had thought about doing South America, but I found six weeks through Central America to be enough. I spent about two-thousand on spending money and one-thousand on flights and travel insurance. Not bad, I think. I think I do need to learn some Spanish for when I venture into South America. It may make it a more enjoyable trip! Until next time.

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