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Caye Caulker, Belize

To Caye Caulker

Elisia and I took an 11:30 PM bus to Belize. We crossed the boarder around 4:30 AM and arrived in Belize City at about 8 AM. The bus station seemed pretty sketchy, but we sort of figured out what we needed to do and negotiated a price with a “non-registered” taxi to the docks. The guy was pretty cool, but scammed us out of a US$ with the good ‘ol “I don’t have change” bit I am pretty accustomed to while traveling. We had a place booked on Caye Caulker, so we jumped on a water taxi to the island. As we cruised across the water, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the water looked. I couldn’t wait to see what the island looked like.


The boat ride was nice and the sun was beating down good at this point in the morning. As we walked town to the end of the road to our hotel, we found we were able to get into a 10:30AM snorkeling trip. We ended up booking the trip through the hotel and went out with three others. Snorkeling was a really weird experience at first. To be honest, I was not enjoying it. Water was going in my nose and mouth, even with the gear on. Once I got used to no breathing from my nose and finding the sweet spot on the blow-tube, I was able to enjoy it more. By the time I finished the trip, I felt more confidant to dive a little. So, I guess I have finally snorkeled!!



That evening we met up with one of the girls from the snorkeling trip for dinner and the next day we took a water taxi back to the mainland before getting on a day and night bus trip to Antigua, Guatemala.


Unfortunately, because of the way we booked the bus, we missed out on the Tikal Ruins near Flores, Guatemala. I found out later that it was used as the Rebel base on Yavin in Star Wars. We also could have stuck around Belize longer, but we are looking forward to getting to Honduras to hit up some beaches there. 

Next stop will be Antigua, Guatemala! 

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