Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei


Going through immigration in Brunei was smooth and easy. Since not a lot of people seem to travel there, the “Foreigner” line had no people. Once I got through and entered arrivals, the owner of the guesthouse, Villa Dadap, were I was going to stay at welcomed me. There is only one hostel in Brunei and they offered free pickups at the airport, which was nice because the place was a little out of town. On the way to the guesthouse he drove through town and pointed out some of the main sights and gave a little history lesson. When we arrived at the hostel I met a really cool girl from Montreal who I would describe as a shining star. She had such a distinctive aura about her that was welcoming to anything that came her way in life. We, along with the hostel owner, went out for some diner and I headed to bed after a little evening conversation.

The next morning I woke up with a pretty bad stomachache. I think all the traveling I had done up to this point had left my insides confused. I ended up wasting the whole day in bed instead of going out with my roommate to check out the town. Fortunately, later that day I did join the hostel owner for an airport pickup and got to get a few pictures in of some of the main mosques.



The next day I caught a plane out to Kuala Lumpur. I did find getting out of the country a little more difficult. I had to repack my bags in order to save myself $55 because I was 6 pounds over on my carry-on. I’ve never had my carry-on weighed before. They were so anal on the weight that they weighed the bag again just to enter the gate waiting area. Perhaps I need to reassess my gear and pack even less in the future!

When I got to Kuala Lumpur  I met up with my International Marketing partner from Germany before head of to Myanmar together to join her sister. It’s pretty cool we are able to meet up again on this trip. Looking forward to traveling with her a bit if it all works out that way!

On a side note, I would have to say that it would be worth spending a few days in this country. Other than seeing what the capital had to offer, it would have been nice to be able to have gone on a tour to the beach and park the hostel owner had created. He said often the beach has no people and you pretty much have the whole place for yourself. Sounds peaceful!

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