Melaka, Malaysia

As I arrived at the bus stop in Melaka, Malaysia, I ended up talking to a German mother and her college aged daughter. I thought to myself how cool it is for parents to travel with one of their parents as an adult. Especially to a foreign country in Asia. I thought about what it would be like traveling through Asia with my mother. I think it would be really cool, even though it would take a lot of patience on my part because she would be freaked out about all the things very different from everything she grew up with. And I suppose that would be true for a lot of people. Even I have and continue to go through my freak out moments. Regardless, I wish I could take a trip were I could explore the world, like the German family, with my mom or just any close family member. Odds are, this will never happen.

When we got to the bus stop, immediately we were getting haggled by a few taxi drivers and a guy trying to get us to come to his hostel. I already had a place booked and planned to take the bus into town. They soon followed. I was hoping to see them again in town the next day or on the bus out two days later, but unfortunately our meeting was only meant to be brief. We went different ways once we got into town and I easily found my hostel a couple blocks from the Town Square.


Melaka River at Night (Picture 1)

Bike Buggy at Night (Picture 1)

The hostel was pretty much dead. There was a group of Chinese girls in one room and then myself and a Japanese girl taking up the entire 16-bed bunk room. The next day we were joined by a Dutch guy who was totally freaking out about bed bugs everywhere. Well, now I know what bed bugs look like. I didn’t have an issue near my bunk, but after the hostel worker sprayed his bed area down with poison, that night they seemed to be everywhere. Hopefully I don’t have any problems later on my trip and I hope they didn’t get into my stuff.

The next day, it was super hot and humid out. I headed out and got some lunch and Starbucks before walking around the area. The nice thing is that everything was pretty close together near the square. I actually enjoyed this town because of the historical feel of it. It was once a Dutch settlement, so most of the architecture reflected this. To be honest, there really wasn’t a lot to see. Here are a few photos of some different landmarks I liked.

Port de Santiago (Picture 1)

St. Paul’s Church (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

St. Francis Xavier’s Church (Picture 1)

This pretty much concluded my day. I headed back to the hostel to relax and rehydrate. I did go ahead and set myself up to take the 9AM bus to Singapore in the morning. Soon, I’ll be visiting my 30th country!!!

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