Istanbul, Turkey (Part 2) & My Final Trip Thoughts

I arrived in Istanbul around 9:30 PM from Kiev, Ukraine. Kiev was a good time and Istanbul would be my final stop after traveling for 7 weeks. Originally, I had planned to take maybe a two day tour to Ephesus and Troy. Because of the two travel days spent in Kiev, I decided to just hang out the next three days in Istanbul and see the things I didn’t have time for when I arrived at the beginning of my trip.

The first day was spent over in the “New Town” area. This is where Taksim Square is. Taksim Square is also the location of the massive protests seen on TV. The day I went there, all was quiet. The presence of police barricades were around for if protests did break out again. Though I didn’t see any demonstrations here, I did come across one near the Hard Rock Cafe. Riot Police were at the seen, acted briefly, and then pulled away when they believed it wouldn’t violent. I got my Istanbul riot selfie in!!

Taksim Square (Picture 1)

Other than Taksim Square, I checked out the Saint Anthonie Church and Galata Tower. I would have gone up it, but there were so many people and I was getting burned out on cueing. From there, I just walked down to the water and took some pictures in the area. This pretty much concluded the day for me.

Saint Anthonie Church (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

Galata Tower (Picture 1)

Mosque and Waterfront (Picture 1)

The next day I went and saw a few things I had not seen when I arrive at the beginning of the trip. There were a few mosques and a piece of a Roman Aqueduct that still stands.I also strolled through the Grand Bazaar again. Really, I was just enjoying walking around and checking out the old Ottoman architecture. I was thinking about going to a couple museums I know I really should go to, but am pretty much tapped out. I know I will be back here because I learned about so many amazing places in Turkey to go. May have to make a two week trip out of this country to hit up some of the hotspots as I venture out to other countries in the area!!

Ottoman Architecture (Picture 1)

This pretty much concludes my trip!!! It was an amazing 7 weeks. Not only did I get to visit some amazing places, but I also saw things that will change my perspective of the world even more. I was able to meet up with and visit new and old friends that I met on my previous travels and a couple from back home in Wisconsin. I also enjoyed sharing my travels with this blog and the pictures I posted. I know not everyone can take a trip like this. This trip was pretty much 20 years in the making for me and it may never have happened if it wasn’t for teaching English at a university in Korea. I don’t know how long my work schedule will allow me to travel like this, so I will take advantage of it as long as I can. Thanks everyone for your love and support on this journey. It means the world (literally) to me!!

Now, back to Korea I go^^

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