The Kehlsteinhaus (The Eagles Nest), Austria

The Eagles Nest

Today I went on a group tour to Hitler’s Eagles Nest in the mountains of Austria. This place was made famous, for many people, when it was depicted in the HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers. For me, I learned about this place about 20 years ago when I was originally planning to go to Germany for a Scouting exchange program. Instead I decided to work at Camp Phillips, my Boy Scout council’s Scout camp.

The tour went by bus and started in Munich at 8:30 in the morning. The tour guide was very talkative and she described many places that were important for the Third Reich in Germany on our way out of town. We even drove past Hitler’s first home in the posh area of Munich. It has since been converted into a police station in order to prevent Neo-Nazism. I found the 2.5 hours to our destination flew by because of all the information our guide shared on the trip.

When we got to the sight of the Eagles Nest, it was already pretty busy with people and tour buses. Fortunately, our guide was very well organized and had appointments made for transportation every step of the way. When we got up to the top parking area, we rushed town the tunnel to the “gold elevator” which would take Hitler to the Eagles Nest. Once in the elevator and up to the top, we walked into the building and had an opportunity to walk around and see the magnificent views. Clouds unfortunately blocked half the view, but I still enjoyed what I could see. Shortly after visiting most of us walked down to the buses with our guide so that we could get a few more pictures in.


Once down to the visitor center again, I joined a couple from Latvia for lunch and then headed to see some underground bunkers that were built into the mountain. I also joined the tour guide down a path to see Hitler’s residence here where he spent about 1/3 of his time while he ruled Germany. Well, at least what was left of the residence. It was blown up when handed back to Germany to prevent Neo-Nazi gatherings. The Eagles Nest itself was never a place anyone stayed overnight, it was just a tea house. Plus, Hitler only made about 13ish official visits to it because the altitude bothered him. Hitler actually enjoyed a different tea house just down the road better.


After visiting Hitler’s Eagles Nest, we headed to Berchtesgaden to see a monastery. I found this to be a nice relaxing little town. At this point it started raining, so I headed back to the bus after making this visit. This was the end of the trip and we headed back to Munich. The time flew by again because I actually talked to the girl sitting across from me. We had a wonderful conversation and then we went different ways forever.

That night, I headed back to my friend Gina’s place and we went to a schnitzel place for dinner. Boy was it good!!

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