Munich, Germany


The bus to Munich was pretty long, close to 6 hours. This is what I mean by Germany being much bigger than I originally thought. It takes 6 hours to get to Chicago from my home town in Wisconsin, Eau Claire. And, Germany has an autobahn, which pretty much allows people to go as fast as they safely can. Another cool thing, I thought, about this bus was that it had shoulder strap seat-belts. It’s rare to ever find seat-belts at all in the states.

When I got into Munich, I headed to a hostel I booked for the first night there. The German friend I am staying with had to work some long hours, so I didn’t want to add any pressure being a guest. The hostel I stayed at had a 40-bed room that I stayed in!! It wasn’t as bad as I imagined it could have been and I would stay there again. After I dropped my things off there I headed out into the main square area.

My first impressions of Munich was how diverse it seemed. There were people of many different colors, nationalities, religions, and regions of the world. Come to find out they are all just tourists. The rest of Munich isn’t that diverse and the city square area is probably one of the dirtiest areas of town. Well, at least I got the hood out of the way first!!

I ventured into the center of Munich with my map in hand to do my sightseeing with my hands in my pockets and on my wallet. There were so many people and I felt like I was in a prime pickpocket area. Also, shortly into my walk I had to pull out my umbrella. In the rain, I walked around taking pictures and sneaking into churches. The interior of some of the churches were stunning. So stunning they probably would help me find religion again! The highlight was watching the town hall clock chime with a clock tower display.










The next day I stopped in a couple churches that closed before I could see them and I spent most of the rest of day at the Deutches Museum. It was so big and hard to really find my way around from one place to another. I enjoyed walking around and the parts I enjoyed the most was the mining and aviation areas. It was really cool to see a German WWII fighter plane.










Later that afternoon, my German friend Gina picked me up from the hostel and we headed to her place where I met her boyfriend and we all ate a nice Mexican place in her neighborhood. Tomorrow I will wake up early to take a tour to Hitler’s Eagles Nest.

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