Dresden & Berlin, Germany


Daniel, Nadine, and I headed to Dresden early Friday to walk around the town. I found Dresden’s old town square to be absolutely beautiful with all the old buildings and cathedrals. It’s amazing how buildings can be restored after a war. Other than walking around town, the biggest oops moment took place when we had dinner. We went to a German restaurant and I was having a bit of a problem choosing what to eat. I was sort of hungry for fish and came across herring. When I got my food, I then found out that it was raw pickled herring. I was totally expecting something cooked and the menu didn’t specifically state “Pickled Herring”. My friends shared there food with me and I gave them the herring. I am really surprised at how much Germany is surprising me when it comes to food.

Dresden Castle (Picture 1)

Old Town Dresden (Picture 1) (Picture 2) (Picture 3) (Picture 4) (Picture 5)

Martin Luther Church (Picture 1)

After walking around Dresden, we then headed to the Bastei Bridge in Saxon. This was a nice little hike and I was able to get some nice pictures too.  Later that night, I was also was hoping to see James Blunt back in Dresden, but we all found ourselves to be a bit to tired for that. We headed back to Leipzig and pretty much called it a night.

Bastei Bridge (Picture 1) (Picture 2) (Picture 3)

Berlin [two days later]

Originally, I was planning on a road trip to Berlin with Daniel. But, he found he had to work. So, I headed up on my own by bus. Somehow though, I got on the wrong bus to Berlin and ended up on the opposite side of town. When I asked the bus driver if the bus was just making a stop or heading across town, he informed me that I was on the wrong bus and that it was forbidden that I ride on the bus. I said,” Oops!! Sorry. Oh well, I made a mistake. No big deal, Berlin ticket and we are in Berlin!” He seemed pretty pissed off. Screw him! I walked right past him with my ticket out in the first place and he didn’t stop me. I thought he was going to check tickets after people got on! Now I know how German buses work!

Well, I really was on the other side of town and had a long way to walk. It ended up working out great because I first headed to the Hard Rock Café, then to Victory Monument and on down through the center of town were all the main sights are.I had starred a number of places to see in Google Maps, so really all I was doing was playing connect the dots on my phone. I really like the feel of Berlin. I sort of wish I stayed there a couple days, but time would not allow for that at the moment. Something I’ll have to consider the next time I make my way through here.  My last stop before heading back to Leipzig was the Berlin Wall Monument. This was the most touching part of my sightseeing because I am old enough to remember watching the wall come down on TV.

Berlin Victory Column (Picture 1)

Russian War Monument (Picture 1)

Brandenburg Gate (Picture 1)

Holocaust Memorial (Picture 1)

Berlin Cathedral (Picture 1)

Reichstag (Picture 1)

Red City Hall (Picture 1)

Berlin Wall (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

With all my sightseeing done for the day, I made it to my bus on time and headed back to Leipzig for one more day before I head on to Munich to visit a friend I met on the road back in 2008, Gina.


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