Wroclaw, Poland


Nicole and I got up early so we could set out and see Wroclaw, Poland. It was nice because it was quiet and the dew was lifting. The weather was supposed to be be in our favor, but it did end up sprinkling on us and it was pretty much a hazy day. We first started at the Old Town Square to grab a little breakfast and coffee. I found the main square to have a nice welcoming feel. We also came across little troll statues. Come to find out there are about 200 of these little guys scattered around the Old Town area!

City Hall (Picture 1)

Town Square (Picture 1)

Trolls (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

The things we had on our list to see were mostly churches and cathedrals. So, we pretty much made a loop around town and ended up back where we left off.  The churches were beautiful and interesting, but the monument that struck us the most was dedicated to 22,000 Polish Army Officers that were shot in the back of the head in the Spring of 1940 on Stalin’s orders. On this trip, I am constantly learning new shocking historical facts, which I find important for everyone to know about.

Executed Soldier Monument (Picture 1)

Wish there was more to say about the town, but it had a very quiet feel and if it was a nice day and we were able to stay longer, eating at a restaurant in the square and people watching, while kicking back a few beers or sipping on coffee would have been nice.

When we finished looking around, we stopped at the hostel and then headed to the train station to get on the next train to Krakow. This ended up being more difficult than planned because the ticket lady didn’t speak any English at all. Fortunately, a young man helped us and we got our tickets with a crazy transfer. At this point, we would catch the next rain three hours from now and arrive in Krakow around 11PM. We bought the tickets and headed to the other end of the building to the bus station.

When we checked for bus times at the bus station, the bus to Krakow was set to leave in 20 min. We figured that’s better than sitting around for 3 hours for the non-direct train, so we bought these tickets too. We ended up eating what we paid for the train tickets because the lines were always just so long at the train ticket booths to try and get a refund. We ended up in Krakow by 7pm instead of 11pm!

We found our hostel fine and pretty much just chilled out the rest of the night. Our plan for the next day is to get up early and go to Auschwitz.

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