Prague, Czech Republic


The journey to Prague from Bratislava, Slovenia didn’t work out exactly like we hoped. Trains ran every two hours starting at 6:10AM, the train I would have liked to have taken. But, because I felt bad that maybe I was traveling to fast for Nicole, I left it up to her, 6:10AM or 8:10AM. She wanted to do the 8:10, so that’s where the story starts.

We arrived at the train station with plenty of time and found the train was going to be 10min late. No big deal. There are small delays all the time with trains. Well, about two hours in the train stopped in the middle of nowhere. First they said over the loud speaker that we would be delayed 60min. Then another 60min! Also for some reason there were police that arrived outside and were on the train. My guess is that someone jumped on the tracks, but we will never really know.

The train did eventually start going again, but we ended up getting into Prague around 3PM. We got a bite to eat at the train station and walked to our hostel. We hoped to try and see all that we wanted to see in Prague with the lost time, but pretty much had that idea shut down when it started pouring rain. We found shelter in a Cuban bar and pretty much called it a day. With the day pretty much wasted because of our delays and the rain, we decided to get up early in the morning the next day and then catch an afternoon train to Wroclaw, Poland.

The next day, we did as planned and got up early to get some good old Starbucks coffee and run over to the train station to get our tickets. With these two items checked off the list we headed off to pick up where we left off. We walked through to The Powder Tower and on to the Old Square, which has the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Prague Astronomical Clock, and a few other cool buildings and statues. We walked past the Hard Rock Café, where I got my shot glass and guitar pin the day before, to the Jewish District.

The Jewish District had a number of sites we originally wanted to see. It has a few important synagogues, an old Jewish cemetery, and it’s the location of the Jewish ghetto form WWII. Well, the problem arose for us with the admittance tickets. We had to choose one of three different “group tour” options. We had no interest in going on a tour, so we refrained from going in. This was sort of a bummer, but for both of us to do this tour, it would cost each of us about 20-25 $US. So we moved on to the Prague Castle.

The walk over to the Prague Castle was nice and when we got to the top of the hill to St. George’s Basilica, we were told we had to get tickets on the other side of the castle grounds. So we headed that way while also taking photos outside St. Vitus Cathedral, which was absolutely massive, and some other buildings/ statues. When we get to the ticket booth, we found the same problem. We had to choose a group tour package. All we wanted to do was go into the two churches. We also did not want to pay for this and this no explained all the tour groups we saw annoyingly walking around. We just decided then to walk down the hill and found some Asian food to eat for lunch.

After lunch, there was one more church we wanted to check out, the Church of St. Nicholas. Thankfully, we got to go in and visit this church. Of course there was a small fee. Prague seems to take advantage of charging to see anything. Most churches I have been to on this trip are free.

From here, we walked past a few more churches, because I love churches, and found The John Lennon Wall. There was a guy playing Lennon songs on his guitar, of course, and I had an opportunity to write on the wall with everyone else. To be honest, this may have been one of the coolest places I visited because of its uniqueness.

At this point, Nicole and I pretty much saw everything we wanted to see. Was hoping to go to the Klementinum, but that was also a group tour we didn’t want to pay for. We did head over to see the Astronomical Clock ring at the top of the hour with a little display of the 12 Apostles looking out a couple windows on the clock. It was really not as spectacular as I thought it would be. By this time, we headed back to the hostel, got our bags, and headed to the train station for Wroclaw, Poland.

The only reason we are going here is because two Polish girls I met in Belgrade, Serbia are from there and insisted I go there when I head to Poland. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what all the hype is all about!!

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