Vienna, Austria

Nicole and I arrived in Bratislava, Slovakia in the early afternoon and pretty much chilled out instead of going out into town. It was already dark and the hostel we were staying at had I nice little garden area with a bar. I bought a draft beer and Nicole and I sat down with our drinks, trying to stay out of the rain.

This night was a little strange because we found out later that 22 Brits were on a bachelor party through Europe. We were wondering why some of these guys were totally out of it. I actually thought a couple were mentally disabled. One guy was leaning up against the wall, zoned out, and wearing a dress. Another guy was going around talking gibberish saying, “Shaggy!?”, had his hands down his pants playing with himself, and pretending to do it to a roll of toilet paper. Now, I’m not trying to disrespect those who are truly mentally handicapped, but these guys were off their rocker.

That same night they were screaming outside our window, which I totally slept through. I was talking to the manager the next day and I guess the cops came, they destroyed the rooms they were staying in (guessing they were puking and pissing all over themselves). Many people who were booked to stay in those rooms were shuffled around and split from their group in some cases as the mess these guys caused was repaired. Other than this added excitement, we decided to head to Vienna the next day to try and beat out any bad weather coming in the region.


The train trip to Vienna was only an hour long, and trains headed there every couple hours. We got on the 8AM train so we could make the most of our day in Vienna. When we got there the first place we headed was St. Charles Church. I thought it was really beautiful and we had an opportunity to go right up to the top of the dome inside. They were doing a number of renovations to the church, and it was cool to look out onto Vienna from the outlook. After that I needed some Starbuck coffee.

If you are wondering why I don’t go to a local coffee shop, it’s because pretty much nobody does brewed coffee, accept Starbucks. I just want a super-sized cup of coffee with my milk and sugar. I hate the taste of black coffee and don’t understand drinking an expensive tiny espresso that only has about a shot worth of liquid in it. Starbucks just understands what I want when it comes to coffee!

After grabbing our Starbucks and mapping out our plan for what to see, we started at the Opera House and moved through to the Mozart Statue, The Palm House (a former green house turned restaurant), the Sacher Café, Anti-War & Fascism Monument, and Imperial Crypt.

The Imperial Crypt was one of the highlights for me in Vienna. Here is, as the name implies, the place where all the royalty have been laid to rest. It is amazing to see the different caskets that were used for the different people. The caskets also represent what was popular at different time periods and signified the individuals importance. At the end, the final room was quite modern and had one space with no casket. I guess their plans to be only one more person of royal blood, who is not currently deceased, to lay to rest here.

St. Charles Church (Picture 1)

Mozart Statue (Picture 1)

Anti-War & Fascism Monument (Picture 1)

Royal Crypt (Picture 1) (Picture 2) (Picture 3)

From the crypt, we headed over to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. This cathedral is massive and because there isn’t a very big square, it was really hard to get a photo with the whole building in it. We went inside and took the trip to the top to look onto Vienna. I was really hoping to do the crypt tour, but I missed it by about a minute. I really didn’t want to sit around another half-hour, so we moved on to see where Mozart lived for a short time, went to a few more churches, and saw parts of the Hofburg Palace from the outside.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

Other than walking around a bit more, we headed back to catch the train back to Bratislava. We both were pretty beat. I really liked Vienna and would love to visit again. If I want in such a time crunch, I would have gone back in two days to see Joss Stone in concert. I had found out late that she played in Bratislava the night we arrived there. Total bummer!!! Oh well, I guess I need to be more aware of who is going to perform in the places I visit, in the future. The only real letdown I had in Vienna was that their Hard Rock Café was not open yet. The merchandise stare was stocked and ready, I could physically see my Hard Rock Café- Vienna shot glass… but could not buy it. I guess I will need to through some cash at the next friend to go through that way or wait until the next time I visit there.

Thankfully the weather held up, until a small downpour at the end. We will stay in Bratislava an extra night and do the walking tour too. Until then!!

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