Ljubljana & Bled, Slovenia

Nicole and I rolled into our hostel in Ljubljana, Slovenia around 1AM in the morning. Both of us were beat from hiking around Plitvice National Park the day before. We were accidentally placed in a private room, which was nice because we didn’t have to worry about waking anybody up. Of course the next morning we then had to move into the 4 bed room we originally booked. Also, gazing at the forecast, it looked like rain was coming our way. So, instead of giving Nicole a break to just check out the town our first day here, I dragged her to Bled, Slovenia.


We got to Bled a little after 1PM and we immediately rented a couple bikes and started around the lake. I may have been a little annoying because I had to constantly stop to take some pictures. When we got to the beach area there was a dock to rent row boats to go to the island. I jumped at the chance and we headed out onto the lake to go to Bled Island. The church was nice, but once we checked out the church and went up the clock tower, we headed back. I only rented the boat for an hour, and we ran down the time perfectly.

Bled Island (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

After the island, we road to the start of the trail to the castle. Nicole was pretty much hating me at this point because all the walking from yesterday was catching up with her. Still, we made it to the top and I enjoyed the view of Bled Lake and took a few pictures. There was a museum too, but I didn’t find it to be that great. After the castle, we made our way back down the hill, on into town, and over to Vintgar Gorge.

The ride to Vintar Gorge was hilly in a number of places. Nicole was hating me even more now, but I kept pushing her to keep going. If she did not see this place, she would regret it down the road. When we got there, the walk through the gorge was spectacular. The water was so clear and blue. The rapids were so beautiful. When we got to the end, we took our pictures of the waterfall and headed back to the start of the trail. I of course had to pop my earbuds in to listen to Garth Brooks- The River a few times. It was just one of those moments music needed to be involved!

Vintgar Gorge (Picture 1) (Picture 2) (Picture 3)

When we got back to the beginning of the trail, we met a few women who asked if we wanted to taxi back in and then catch a van back to Ljubljana. We agreed and got our bikes back pretty much on-time and made it back to town in about 40 minutes. The whole way back we were all jamming to club music and drinking beers! After Nicole and I made it to the hostel, we both were pretty much ready to get some sleep out of pure exhaustion!


We got up and got moving the next day to check out Ljubljana around 11AM. The city center is pretty small, so seeing the city shouldn’t take to long. We first headed up the big hill that had Ljubljana castle on it. Shortly after we got there it started raining a little, but nothing serious. We decided not to pay to go into the tower or museum because it didn’t seem that interesting to us. So, we left the castle after exploring the free stuff and headed to the bus and train stations to book our tickets to Bratislava, Slovakia.

First we tried the bus station, but no busses were leaving Sunday. Luckily, we were able to get on a train route with about 4-6 transfers. When we were about to leave the train station, we ended up getting stuck there in a huge rain and hail storm. Once it let up a bit, we started making our way back to the hostel. Something we found frustrating about Ljubljana is that the whole town sort of shuts down by around 2PM on a Saturday. It was really hard finding a reasonably priced restaurant or any stores open to do some shopping. We did happen to find an open convenience stare, so we bought some wine and beers to stay in with. Though there wasn’t a lot to see in Ljubljana, I did like the atmosphere. Now to get ready for the next couple days in Austria and Slovakia!!

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