Mostar & Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


I arrived at the hostel in Mostar just before the owner gathered everyone together to listen to his story about the war and the hardships his family and friends faced. In fact, the place I was standing and the house I would be staying the night in was destroyed by three direct hits during the war. When he finished then played a video, but I had not eaten since Croatia so I snuck out to go find some food. When I got back I was ready to pass out. It had been a long day and I needed to get up early for the hostels tour I had signed up for.

The tour consisted of two vans of people.  We first went to breakfast at I restaurant along a river. We had some kind of meat pie that I found pretty delicious. We then went to a small town with a castle on the hill that was supposed to be a stop off point between Sarajevo and Mostar way back in the day a few centuries ago. After that we went to a beautiful waterfall where pretty much everyone went in for a dip. I didn’t bring a swimsuit or towel, so I refrained. Instead I enjoyed the scenery and drank some beer. The next stop was up in the mountains where I heard the same story from last night and missed the train to Sarajevo.

 Breakfast Location (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

Castle Town (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

Kravice Falls (Picture 1)

Now at this point I was pretty pissed off because the tour did run late and the train I wanted to get on was not going to be possible. The thing that made me the most upset was that I had come to Mostar and had not even seen it. The three Spanish friends I met on the bus from Croatia were also a bit upset too. I said something to the tour guide and he said we could catch the last bus out and have enough time to go to the iconic Mostar Bridge. At least this was not a total bust, but I’m still bummed I didn’t get to spend any time in the old city checking it out. Oh well, I guess that’s part of the art of travel sometimes.

 Mostar Bridge (Picture 1)

The bus to Sarajevo was the most beautiful of all bus trips through Eastern Europe so far. The bus cruised along the river road through the mountains and it was breath taking. The water was a beautiful aqua green and the cut of the mountains was truly amazing. I’m glad I didn’t pass out during this stretch of road!


The four of us were able to get a room with four beds, which was pretty awesome. We got up early the next day to take the Free Walking Tour of Sarajevo. The tour was good, I learned a lot of history from many different time periods. The highlight was going to the bridge and street corner that started WWI. My friends and I also got a cab to take us up to where some ruins from the 1994 Sarajevo Olympics. I thought there was supposed to be a lot more ruins, but after further research, the rest of it may have been to far away to take a taxi.

Latin Bridge and Car (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

Winter Olympics Ruins (Picture 1)

The next day we will be taking a minibus to Belgrade, Serbia. This will be the end our travels together because I will then go to Romania and they will travel to Sofia, Bulgaria.

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