Ostrong Monastery & Kotor, Montenegro

Ostrong Monastery

My time in Montenegro was probably the most event filled days I’ve had on my trip so far. I woke up early in the morning to catch the bus from Podgorica to the Ostrong Monastery. I expected it to be busy because it’s a Sunday and I wanted to beat any crowds. The bus ride was only about 40-50 minutes, so this also made it advantageous to make this a morning day trip. Thankfully the bus driver let me know when I got there because I sort of passed out during the ride.

When I got off the bus, immediately taxi drivers hounded me. I said I would walk it and kept moving until I saw a sign that said the monastery was 8 km away and I didn’t want this to be a full day trip. So, I walked back to ask how much and made sure the price included everything I wanted to see and a full ride there and back. This venture cost me 20 Euro, but in the end it was worth it.

The Ostrong Monastery was very cool. It is built into the mountain and is an important place for Orthodox Christians. The old paintings on the walls were amazing and in one of the rooms people were going in to kiss an important dead person. It was an open casket with a body shrouded and a priest there in a chair sort of standing guard. I’ll have to look up who the dead dude is later.

Ostrong Monastery (Picture 1) (Picture 2) (Picture 3)

Lower Chapel (Picture 1)

About the time I was done seeing all that I wanted to see it started sprinkling. Not cool. I ended up standing on the side of the road for 50 minutes with a crappy and leaky umbrella in a downpour. Fortunately, I had an umbrella!! This was only made possible because it rained when I was in Berat, Albania. When I got back to town I booked the next bus to Kotor, Montenegro.


It was pretty much raining the whole trip to Kotor. I had the night booked there and was pretty much thinking this stop would literally be washed out, when it came to sightseeing. But, it stopped raining when I arrived and I was able to drop my things off at my hostel and hit the streets. The town was so cool! It was easy to find my way around down the cobble stone streets. When I was through checking out the town I preceded up the mountain to the castle at the top! God this was a long and tiring hike. I was sweating profusely and many guys doing the hike shredded their shirts off to try and say cool. The views way up and down the mountain were definitely two epic moments with beautiful and breathtaking scenery. On the way up I also ended up bumping into the couple I met when crossing into Montenegro. We decided to meet up at 8pm for dinner.

Kotor Castle (Picture 1)

Kotor From Mountain Top (Picture 1) (Picture 2)

Kotor in the City (Picture 1) (Picture 2) (Picture 3)

We had an amazing dinner! The couple bought some food from the market and we used the kitchen at the hostel to cook dinner. It was nice having a home cooked meal. After dinner we continued putting back the beers and watched a bit of the final World Cup game against Germany and Argentina. I was cheering for Germany, who happened to win it in overtime. Now I’ll be done with soccer for another four years.

I headed to bed late and am heading to Dubrovnik, Croatia for the first half of the day and then catch a bus to Mostar, Bosnia in the early afternoon. Should be an exciting day!

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