Dubrovnik, Croatia


I checked out of my hostel at 8:00 am to catch the 8:30am bus to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I was originally planning to go to Split, Croatia, but a number of people I talked to recommended Dubrovnik. It was important that I took this early bus because I would only be there for a few hours before catching the bus again to Mostar, Bosnia. Unfortunately because of delays at the boarder, I ended up only getting about an hour and a half to explore the city.

When I got off the bus I immediately hit up the cash machine, checked my bags into the luggage hold at the bus station, and bought my ticket to Mostar. I was also a little confused on how to get to the Old Town, but following the rest of the tourists and jumping on the city bus there got, I worked out!

I walked into this amazing and old walled city full of tourists and thought to myself that this is a bad idea. I read that I should do the walk around the wall of the city, so I bought a ticket and began my journey around. There are a lot of great pictures I was able to take and it took me about an hour to make it around. At this point my time was running out before catching the bus to Bosnia, so I quickly made my way into the city to take some pictures of the streets and churches, at street level. After finishing that up I found the bus stop and headed back to the bus station.

Dubrovnik Entrance (Picture 1)

St. Saviour Church and Big Onofrino Fountain (Picture 1)

Bell Tower (Picture 1)

St. Blaise Church (Picture 1)

Dubrovnik From Above (Picture 1) (Picture 2) (Picture 3) (Picture 4) (Picture 5)

 I got to the bus station to Mostar fine, but ended up waiting an hour and a half for the late bus. This was a bit of a bummer because I could have had that much more time to check out the city. One of the reasons I decided not to stay the night here in the first place is because it is one of the most expensive cities in Croatia.

When the bus arrived, the ride was pretty good. Because of the strange route, you end up crossing between Croatia and Bosnia multiple times. There were three young travelers from Spain sitting near me and at one of the boarder crossings the Border Agent asked where we were from and one of the girls said Spain. Before I could say that I’m from the States and pull out my Passport he turned back around and walked off the bus. I guess I can now say that I passed as a Spaniard!!

When we finally made it to Mostar, I was looking at the GPS on my phone and it said we were a town away. Many people got off at this bus stop and I we didn’t ask if this was the stop. The bus driver also didn’t tell us it was our stop, so we continued on the bus another 15 km before the bus driver said something. So, he kicked us off the bus and told us to wait for a different bus. Basically, we were four travelers on the side of the road with our luggage in the middle of Bosnia not really knowing for sure if we were going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, about a half hour later a bus came to rescue us and take us to Mostar. Nothing like being lost in the middle of a strange country on the side of the road!

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