Pristina, Kosovo

I woke up early in the morning to catch the 8am bus to Pristina, Kosovo. I ended up meeting to younger guys from Sweden as I sat in a small cafe at the bus station drinking a crappy espresso. All I really wanted at that moment was a real coffee.

The bus ride to the border was really quick and there were no issues. I don’t think I got an exit stamp for Macedonia though. Been trying to find it in my passport with no luck, so I guess I’m technically still there! For most of the trip I ended up chatting with one of the Swedes and we talked a bit about what to see. I told them about the Serbian Cathedral, Gracanica Monastary, and they decided to join me as I went there. When we got off the bus I negotiated with what ended up being an illegal cab to take us there and back . The one way ride is 5 Euros, so I was also looking for a way to cut my costs!

The cathedral had a 1 euro fee each and the lady there conned us into talking about the cathedral and wanted a euro each for that. Oh well, that sometimes happens! From the Cathedral we had the cab driver take us to the city center and we spent a couple hours walking around and getting lunch.

The final place we visited was the library and an unfinished Serbian Cathedral. I found the library very interesting architecturally. The unfinished cathedral was pretty cool too. I wish I could have gone in it. The Mother Teresa Cathedral was also sort of across the street from the library. This is also where the Swedes and I parted ways. I gave up looking for the Bill Clinton statue and went off to find a cab and get to the bus station. One thing I found was the positive response of being American. The cab driver was really excited about it and started rattling off some of the world leaders that helped Kosovo with their independence.

I arrived at the bus station just in time for the next bus. I only had to wait around for about 20 minutes. My destination, Tirana, Albania. The mini bus I was on was a bit of a shit show. We actually smuggled a guy a cross the boarder because he had no documents. I did end up chatting with a couple Albanian girls. As you can see, even when traveling alone, your not always alone!

Gracanica Monastery (Picture 1)

National Library (Picture 1)

Unfinished Christ the Savior Cathedral (Picture 1)

Mother Teresa Cathedral (Picture 1)


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2 thoughts on “Pristina, Kosovo

  1. Mark Griswold

    Enjoying your latest adventure! Did you see any evidence of continued conflict in Kosovo or are things completely back to normal (at least as normal as they could be). I’d thought the UN was still administering it.

    Are you planning on visiting Greece on this trip?


    • I didn’t notice anything crazy or dangerous at all in Kosovo. When people learned I am American, they praised the crap out the USA and Bill Clinton. I won’t be making it to Greece this trip. Need an stronger exchange rate before I venture to far into Western Europe!! Happy you are enjoying the blog… there is more to come;-)


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