Mekong Delta Tour & Ho Chi Minh City (Day 24)

The Mekong Delta Tour was about a two hour drive south-west of town. The traffic was absolutely crazy. Because of Tet, the Chinese New Year which is the biggest holiday of the year for Vietnamese, everyone is heading out of town to go to their home towns.  To give you some perspective, there are about 8 million people living in Ho Chi Minh City and 5 million motorbikes. So when we made our way through the madness of traffic, we got on our boat in My Tho to cross the delta to stop at Unicorn Island.

IMG_3165      IMG_3167

On Unicorn Island, we visited a little honey bee farm. We were able to look at some bees at work in their nest. I had an opportunity to hold one of the honeycomb slabs full of bees, but once I got the courage I lost my chance. We then moved over to taste a sweet honey tea that I found really good and a banana wine which I thought tasted like banana tequila. We also had an opportunity to hold a snake. This was pretty cool and I didn’t have any fear about doing it. From here we also tried a number of exotic fruits I could not tell you the names of. I have no idea what I was eating, but I did try everything that was put in front of me!!

IMG_3181      IMG_3184

IMG_3182      IMG_3186

After a little taste testing at the bee farm, we then moved on to some Mekong Delta action. We climbed in our boat, put on our rice patty hats, and went for a little ride. This is pretty much the one thing I was looking forward to on the whole trip.

IMG_3204      IMG_3201

After getting paddled down through the jungle, we went to the Ben Tre province to see how handmade coconut candy was made. I also had the opportunity to drink some snake whiskey. For not being a big fan of coconut, I thought the candy was really good. A bit to chewy for me though. It has a texture like taffy. The snake whiskey tasted similar to a rice wine and did have a kick to it, but not to the point of giving me a surge of heartburn.

IMG_3218      IMG_3226

From here we got to ride horse-drawn carriages to lunch. As for the lunch, Hannah, an Aussie girl I met from my hostel, and I decided to split the Elephant Ear fish. It was the cheapest thing on the menu, but they charged by the kilo. We didn’t realize this, so we ended up paying more than we originally planned. But the fish really was excellent!!

IMG_3235      IMG_3237

IMG_3239      IMG_3240

After lunch, we then had one more little trip down the delta and headed back to Ho Chi Minh City. Overall, I thought the Mekong Delta Tour was decent for the 345,000 Dong ($16.40 US) I paid. I got to try some unique foods and have some experiences that I would not have had otherwise. The people I was on the tour with were also really nice!

IMG_3249      IMG_3243

After we all got back, Chris (UK), Hannah (Australia), and I went to find some food and then walked around to see some sights at night. One stop I had to make was to Hard Rock Cafe- Ho Chi Minh City!!


I almost forgot it too and thankfully the Hanoi one isn’t open yet, or otherwise I would have been pretty upset to have missed it. We also ran across Saigon’s  Notre Dam and enjoyed seeing all the lights set up for the big New Years celebrations.

IMG_3304      IMG_3328

To end the day, Hannah and I got our feet eaten by fish!! It cost each of us 100,000 dong ($4.75 US) for 30 minutes. Afterwards, your feet feel so smooth. I did it in Thailand four years ago and jumped on the chance tonight. After 24 days of travel, my feet needed a little loving!


I will be heading for a half-day tour tomorrow to the Cu Chi Tunnels used during the Vietnam War.

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2 thoughts on “Mekong Delta Tour & Ho Chi Minh City (Day 24)

  1. Hi Tom…awesome pics! I will be traveling to Vietnam in June from the states. I am following your blog, very informative, thank you. I have a few questions: 1) Hows the wifi from everywhere you have been? I would like to blog about my experiences also and was worried about connecting. 2) Cell phone use? I have a verizon iphone. I plan on calling my carrier before I go but maybe you have the answer 3) getting a conversion electric plug. Others have told me to wait until I get there and buy one, its cheaper and they will have them everywhere. Is this information correct? And lastly….what do you wish that you should have brought and didn’t? Thanks for any advice, I’ll be following you and enjoy!


    • First of all, thanks for following my blog! Vietnam is a pretty crazy and hectic place. Everywhere you go, people are trying to sell you something, offer you a ride on their bike (Bike taxi), and nickel and dime the money out of you. Your hotel is a good resource when it comes to knowing how much you should pay at times, especially for taxi rides.

      As for your questions:
      1) For your electronics, you don’t need to bring a converter. The outlets in Vietnam do fit US plugs and most electronics can handle a 220 volt outlet. Vietnam outlets generally fit two types of plugs.

      2) WiFi is everywhere, how fast it is can vary. When blogging myself, I sometimes had problems uploading photos. What I would do is write in Pages in my Phone on those long bus rides and copy and paste into my blog when I got connected. You will find a way that works best for you!

      3) I do have an unlocked IPhone 5 I use (I live in Korea and they don’t lock their phones). When I got to the airport I immediately went to the phone company counter to buy a “data” SIM card. They may try to talk to you about talk time minutes and texting. Just state that you don’t care about these things and just want 3G data. The data card for I think 2 GB cost me between 300,000- 500,000 dong. I don’t remember. Just focus on the 3G data when talking to them. They will cut the card for you too. Even my data card has enough talk time on it for calling a hotel when you need directions or connecting with someone.

      4) Anything I wish I brought that I didn’t… I can’t think of anything. Because I only travel with a carry-on and never check baggage I can only think of things I shouldn’t have brought, like this small camera stand I have been carrying around. But, if you plan on taking any sleeper-car rides on trains, bring a sleep sack or buy a cheep sheet or blanket when you get here. The bedding they provide are dirty and may have been used by a passenger that just got off the train. Also the mattresses are nasty. Kinda gross!!

      Hope this all helps and safe travels!!



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