Chiang Mai (Day 1 and 2)

Day 1

My trip started with a 6am bus to Incheon Airport in South Korea. Luckly, the weather wasn’t to cold. I was kind of nervous about that because the last thing I want to do is bring a buch of warm winter clothes with me. I had looked at the weather for Chiang Mai and the highs ranged from 85-90 degrees F. I always seem to get to the bus stop early, so after 45 minutes of sitting around, I was on my way!

I got to the airport and on the plane with no problems. For some reason though, the airport was packed. Kind of surprising for a Sunday. Because of this, I didn’t have enough time to get much to eat before the plane ride. On top of that, I got stuck with fish on the plane. Not that great.

When I landed in Guangzhou, China, I was hoping to to get some noodles… but no real food anywhere. I did pay 3 dollars for a Snickers bar though! After a three hour layover, I was finally on my way to Chiang Mai. Strangely enough, there was hardly anyone on the flight. I did work a little of my Korean on a few Korean girls that were on the flight. Haha!


This time, I got chicken, which held me over a little bit until I landed and found a McDonald’s. I know most people tell me I should be eating ethnic food, but after a flight I just need something I know… and I need it now. I had only ate two meals the hole day which solely consisted of airplane food. After eating, I went and got a taxi to my hostel, Compass Backpackers Hostel. I wish there was a larger social area, but it isn’t bad. Met a few cool Germans I ended up bunking with.

Day 2

I woke up at a bout 10am and got rolling around 11am. I don’t know what the heck was going on, but most of the morning all I heard was singing, chanting, and kids playing going on. Come to find out there is a school behind the hostel.

Now, I went to a let of Wats (Buddhist Temples). After seeing so many, burnout occurs!! The first one I visited was Wat Chiang Man. This is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai, built in 1296.



The next stop was the Tree Kings Monument. It is the venue of the Kings birthday every December.


Then the Wat Sadeu Muang


Here is a nice picture from Wat Phabong.


Wat Phra Singh has one of the most sacred images of the Buddha. It was constructed to house the ashes of King Pha Yu’s father. I found this temple to be very beautiful.


At this point I needed a little R&R. I stopped by a park where a lot of people go, rent a mat, and relax for a bit. With the weather so nice, I did hang out for a little bit on a bench and take a break from all my walking.


After a little relaxation, I headed back into the sun to the Chiang Mai Gate. I found the nose piece broke on my shades, so here I was able to find a shop to fix them up for me! From here I headed to Wat Jetlin. I’m not sure what this temple is all about, but it was the coolest hole-in-the-wall war I came across. Even if it is for this old face sculpture!



Here is Wat Muentoom. This temple was built around 1478.


The next great war I visited was


Shortly after this point, I ran into a woman who gave me some insight about Myanmar. Hearing about the changes that are coming to bring in tourism, I wish I was going there now before all the BS. But, won’t make it this winter. After chatting it up, I grabbed a tuk-tuk to the Tiger Kingdom. I got to hang out with the tigers and take some pictures. If you ever make it here, I strongly recommend you going!


After the Tiger Kingdom, I pretty much just headed back to the hostel a bit and then went to a bar to type this out! Tomorrow I am planning a little jungle trek. I guess I’l see how that goes soon enough, but first i have to watch the the Packers play the 49ers!

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