Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Day 6)

Today I woke up at 5 AM to catch a 6 AM train to Kaohsiung with my travel buddy, Kevin. The train ride was between 5-6 hours, so I slept most of the way. I also got to experience using a train squatter. Not easy to do on a moving train, or just in general. I once asked my students how anyone can use these things without stuff falling out of their pockets, or especially in skinny jeans. One student responded by saying he completely de-pants to use.

When we arrived, we went to our hostel, Backpackers 41. This place is really nice and cheap. The owners must have put a lot of work into the place and it is much better than the damp mattress, sheets, and comforter of the last place. After we checked in I changed into some shorts, because the weather is much warmer here, and we headed off to see some sights. We rented some bikes and headed to Cijin Island.

We took a ferry across to the island. The boat was loaded up with peddle bikers and moped drivers. Pretty cool actually!! We then headed to the Cihou Fort. It was involved in a short attack by the Japanese in 1895 and there are a number of pill boxes and old gun placements around this fort area.

Not far from the fort was the Chihou lighthouse. It was constructed in 1918. One messed up thing that happened when visiting here was a squatter embarrassment. I had to use a Chinese style toilet, which involves hovering my ars over a hole in the ground again today. I call these squatter toilets. They also have them in Korea. The problem was that lock on the door didn’t work. As I am trying to take a dump, some guy opened the door on me. I swore at him and continued, but I probably scared the crap out of him!! I guess he know what a white rear-end looks like now… haha^^

We then took our bikes around the island and I took pictures of temples we passed and spent a little time looking at the ocean. I really do love the smell of salty air and the ocean breeze. Something I miss about Alki Beach in Seattle. One thing we did stop for was BBQ grilled squid. It was so good and hit the spot after biking around. I unfortunately lost a chunk to the ground. Funny thing was a guy was walking by and slipped on it like a banana peel! Oops. I guess the street dogs were not fast enough on eating the scraps people drop.

After our squid snack, we headed back to the mainland on the ferry and biked to the Fisherman’s Wharf, checked out the Pier-2 Art District, went along the Love River, and enjoyed some excellent sea food at the Liuhe Night Market.

This seafood dish cost only about $5.35 US!!! So delicious^^

Well, that is about all I did for the day. Looking forward to sleeping in a little and walking around town again tomorrow. I will be back to traveling solo as Kevin is heading off to see one more city before flying back to Shanghai.

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